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 Lizardskin® Sound Control Formula

lizardskin sound control formula









LizardSkin® SC formula is an advanced, water-based composition of high-grade acrylic binders with sound-damping particles. Proven sound damping technology enables LizardSkin® SC to dramatically reduce noise when properly applied. It also protects surfaces from moisture and corrosion and can withstand temperatures to 300° F. (149° C.)

LizardSkin® SC is used by custom car, street rod, truck builders and RV owners who want to reduce unwanted noise and/or enhance the sound of their high end audio systems. It is best applied by special spray gun to a clean and dry primed or painted rust-free steel. Typical applications include firewalls, floor pans, transmission tunnels, doors, hoods, trunk lids, under headliners, inside fenders, panel van walls and other areas that generate vibration and noise. For maximum acoustic performance, coat entire interior surface and the floor inside and out.

* Dramatically reduces noise and vibration
* Protect surfaces from moisture and corrosion
* Withstand temperatures to 300° F. (149ª C.)
* Class A Fire-rated
* A 2- gallon container covers approximately 100 sq. ft. at 20/1000's (Max thickness 40/1000's for maximum effectiveness)

$169.00 Per Two Gallon Container


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