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 Lizardskin® Superpro Spray Gun Kit

lizardskin spray gun kit










For maximum sound control and insulation performance, both LizardSkin coatings may be used, but it is important that LizardSkin® SC always be applied FIRST. When used in tandem, LizardSkin® SC should be applied at least 12 hours prior to application of LizardSkin® Ceramic Insulation. If ambient temperature is below 70ºF, allow 24 hours between coats.

The SuperPro spray gun kit provides exactly what’s needed for professionals and hobbyists to properly apply amazing LizardSkin® coatings Typical spray guns used for paint application are simply not engineered to handle the higher density of these high technology coatings. To help facilitate this process for builders and manufacturers, LizardSkin LLC is pleased to offer the proven quality of the SuperPro spray gun.

* Professional quality spray gun designed to handle the high density and viscosity of LizardSkin® Ceramic Insulation and LizardSkin® SC – Sound Control Formula with extra nozzles and flexible spray wand for hard to reach areas
* Included one-quart cup can be used for application to small areas
* One stir paddle (attaches to drill)
* One 48” siphon hose (5/8 Inch ID Thick Wall Rubber)
* One 12-inch siphon tube (1/2 Inch ID, 5/8 Inch OD Metal Conduit)
* Two hose clamps, one threaded hose barb
* LizardSkin coatings should not be applied when abient temperature is below 70 degrees.



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