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Maybe you don't have a place on the dash or steering column for switches to turn on headlights, turn signals or emergency flashers. Or cruise control. Or operate a winch. Or fog lights. The list is endless.

The Painless RF Control Center solves the problem many street rodders, hot rodders and four wheel drive enthusiasts constantly face: where to mount all the necessary switches?

The RF Control Center consists of a user-programmable transmitter which sends radio frequency signals to a use programmable receiver, which in turn outputs the signal to a relay to operate the desired accessory. The four button transmitter - which can be programmed to operate up to six accessories - mounts easily in the steering wheel in place of the horn button.

Choosing the right controller for you:
The Painless RF Control Center fits most aftermarket steering wheels (Grant, Lacarra, Billet Specialties, etc.). The hole for the horn button in these wheels measures 3-1/4". Both the standard and deluxe model RF Centers will fit these wheels. The only difference is the Deluxe model will cover the perimeter bolt holes in the steering wheel, whereas the standard model will not. Both are functionally the same. It is just a matter of personal preference. If your Grant steering wheel has a 5- bolt horn button you will need the 5-Hole Grant kit. Once you have determined which style is for you, you can then choose between a kit with relays or without. If you are putting the RF Center in a vehicle that's already wired with sufficient relays to operate the accessories, choose a kit without relays. If you're wiring these accessories for the first time, we would suggest the kit with relays. If you're presently uncertain of future needs, we would suggest choosing a kit without relays. You can always order the relay bank later.

Painless Performance Parts


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