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 Door Lock and Unlock Systems

door lock and unlock system 2








The Smallest Door Pin You'll Find!!

This kit comes complete with everything you need to install the door pin system in your finished or unfinished vehicle.

The Door Pin unit mounts in the door extending 2" inside the door panel. (small enough to avoid window channels) With a 1 inch diameter the Door Pin will fit in the thinnest of doors. The ½" lock pin extends ½" into the receiver plate mounted on the doorpost. The door pins have been tested up to 1700 psi. The metal of the door tearing before a pin failure.

The Door lock Kit comes in Manual and Automatic.

The Manual Kit has a lock/unlock switch for the inside of the vehicle and one for the outside of the vehicle (to be hidden under the hood or in the trunk).

The Automatic Kit will engage the door pins when the ignition is turned on, and disengage turning the ignition off. A lock/unlock switch for the inside of the vehicle is also supplied, one for the outside of the vehicle as well.

The inside or outside switch will work at any time, in or out of automatic mode. The switches will also work with each other. (Example. "Unlock" the doors with the inside switch, "lock" the doors using the outside switch or visa-versa). 2 transmitters supplied will enable you to lock and unlock the system remotely.

door lock and unlock system
$249.00 Complete Automatic Kit
door lock manual kit
$149.00 Complete Manual Kit
door lock indicator
$45.00 Indicator Light Kit


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